Georgia Power

Founded in 1883, we are building the future of energy in Georgia while providing reliable, affordable energy to our 2.6 million customers every day.

Moving? Set Up New Service

You can apply for electric service either online or by phone. Please have the following information ready:

  • Your name (or name for the primary account holder, if different)
  • Service address (where the power is to be turned on)
  • County, lot and neighborhood information (if the home is new)
  • Home phone
  • Social Security number (of the primary account holder)
  • Spouse or roommate name
  • Mailing address (if different than service address)
  • Effective date you would like service to be turned on (Monday through Friday)
  • Temporary contact information for us to use during the installation process
  • Descriptions of any new access problems such as locked gates, dog, etc.

Service can be connected at your new residence every day except weekends and business holidays. Next-day service is available for requests entered before midnight, excluding new service requests requiring installation or other construction work (digging, etc.). Click here to start service

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