Short-Term Rental in Atlanta during a Home Renovation

Short-Term Rental in Atlanta during a Home Renovation

By TP Corporate Lodging

If your home requires major renovations, it may become temporarily unlivable. This presents a unique predicament because you and your family may be displaced for up to several months while renovations or repairs are completed. On the one hand, staying in a hotel for that length of time would be costly and unfeasible. On the other, most rental apartments come unfurnished and require a lease for a fixed amount of time. How do you find a short-term rental solution that is flexible enough for your needs but won’t break the bank while your home is being renovated? The good news is there are several options available that you might not have previously considered. Let’s explore some of these short-term rental options and look at some additional tips to help you find the solution that’s best for you.

Reasons for Needing Temporary Housing During Renovations

Granted, many home renovations aren’t intrusive enough to require you to vacate the home—for example, if you’re remodeling a bedroom or adding a room. However, when you’re facing major renovations or repairs, moving out temporarily makes more sense—and in some cases, it may be mandatory. Let’s look at two of the most common instances in which you might need alternative temporary housing.

Major Elective Renovations
If you choose to perform major updates in several parts of the home, there’s an increased chance that the home itself may be unlivable while renovations are in progress. Utilities like electricity, water and sewer lines may need to be shut off for extended lengths of time, or the excess dust might be unsafe to breathe. There might also be structural work in progress that makes the home temporarily unstable.

Repairs and Restoration Due to a Natural Disaster
Fires, floods or major weather events can do extensive damage to a home. In many of these cases, it may be unsafe to stay in the home until repairs and restoration efforts are completed; for example, receding floodwaters can breed dangerous bacteria and mold, or high winds might have torn off part of the roof. In such cases, it’s usually necessary to relocate temporarily—and in many cases, your short-term housing may actually be covered by insurance.

Options for Short-Term or Temporary Housing

If major renovations have temporarily displaced you and your family, you have several short-term housing options. Let’s look at the most common solutions.

Extended Stay Hotels
Extended stay hotels typically provide suite-like accommodations at discounted weekly or even monthly rates. They are generally more affordable than conventional hotels, but they can still be pricey over the course of a few months. Additionally, even if the suite provides a kitchen or kitchenette, it will still feel much like a hotel, which can have a negative effect on family moods after a time.

One temporary housing option to consider is finding someone willing to sublet their home or apartment to you. Occasionally, people currently under a lease may sublet part or all of their space to someone else, either to help with rent or to occupy the entire unit while they are traveling. Sublets can often be found through Craigslist, by word-of-mouth or through social media. While subletting can be a good solution for some, be aware that unless you know and trust the person implicitly, the risk for scamming is higher with this option.

Vacation Rentals (Airbnb, Vrbo)
Short-term rental platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo have become quite popular in recent years, allowing individual “hosts” to rent out rooms, apartments or entire vacation homes for days, weeks or months at a time. These vacation rentals provide a better sense of “home” and typically come furnished, but they aren’t always cheap, and some users have reported bad experiences and the occasional scam.

Corporate Housing and Short-Term Rentals
One fairly reliable alternative to finding short-term rentals is to consult a corporate housing agency. These agencies focus on providing fully-furnished temporary apartments for people who need to stay for a few weeks or months. While many people using corporate housing are business travelers on extended stays, these units are also ideal for locals who need a place to live for a couple of weeks to a couple of months. You can specify the amount of space and type of amenities you need, and the agency will find you a comfortable, well-appointed apartment for the same price (or less) than that of an extended stay hotel.

Additional Tips for Finding the Best Housing Solution

When you stay in temporary housing, you want to make sure the place offers the comfort and convenience that you and your family need, especially since you will be there for a while. Here are a few other factors to consider when deciding on short-term housing.

  • Your renovation timeline. You may only have an estimate as to when renovations will be complete, and the end date may change based on unexpected circumstances. Be sure the place you rent gives you at least month-to-month flexibility and doesn’t lock you into a commitment for longer than you need.
  • Pet accommodations. If you have one or more pets, look specifically for pet-friendly accommodations. Otherwise, you may have to house your pet with friends, or worse, pay for a kennel.
  • Location. While renovations are ongoing, you still have to go to work and the kids still have school. Try to find temporary housing that doesn’t extend your commute times to the point of inconvenience.
  • Cleanliness and sanitation. With the ongoing pandemic, sanitation is more of a concern than ever. Be sure to ask your host or agent about what steps they’re taking to clean your temporary housing and be certain you’re comfortable with their answers.
  • Your stuff. You’ll probably need to bring additional luggage for an extended stay, along with sensitive paperwork and possibly some keepsakes. Be sure to ask about storage options for things you need to bring with you.

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