Why Atlanta Corporate Housing is Safer Than a Hotel

Why Atlanta Corporate Housing is Safer Than a Hotel

By TP Corporate Lodging


When you travel somewhere for an extended stay, you generally have several options as to lodging. The two most common options? You can book a room in a hotel (even an extended stay hotel) or you can stay in a furnished apartment through a corporate housing agency. Among these options, not only is corporate housing usually less expensive than the others, but it’s also a safer choice. Let’s explore the options and see why corporate housing may be safer than a hotel.


Hotel Safety Issues

Hotels usually do their best to keep their guests as secure as possible; however, as a business open to the public, with people coming in and out for meetings and lodging, there’s only so much they can do. Specifically, here are some of the potential risks:

Entry to your room: Virtually all hotel staff have access to enter your room—and not all of them are honest.

Sanitation: Cleaning staff sometimes cut corners in sanitation practices, and bedding in particular doesn’t always get as clean as it should.

Predators: Even with secured entries, as a public facility, a hotel often attracts predatory people who wait in the wings to steal or to cause harm.


How Corporate Housing Is Safer

Extended stay corporate housing resolves almost all of the safety issues that accompany the other options. For example:

The apartments are private. A corporate housing agency leases and furnishes actual apartments in real residential complexes, often with secure entrances—much like living in your own home or apartment.

Limited access. The only people with access to your unit are you and the management company—the same as if you lived in the apartment.

Carefully vetted for location and amenities. The agency only works with the best residential communities to provide optimal, safe housing.


Whether your extended stay is personal or business-related, you deserve to stay in housing where you feel comfortable and safe. For more information, visit tpcorporatelodging.com or call (800) 428-9997.