Relocating with Pets Survival Guide

Relocating with Pets Survival Guide

Relocating to a new city is stressful. You worry about moving to a new home, starting a new job, navigating new territory and the transition for the whole family. But what about actually getting to the final destination? For Mom, Dad, and the kids, hopping in the car or on an airplane to reach the new home is easy enough, but what about the pets? Long trips are stressful enough without our furry four-legged friends in the mix. The last thing anyone wants to do is add more strain to the moving process and finding a reliable animal transportation service eases most of the stress.

Lucky for you, our very own Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is ranked second by Upgraded Points in a recent study to determine the most pet-friendly airports in the United States. This is sure to make the whole process a little easier on everyone. Now you know the airport is well-suited for all the family pets, but how do they get there? Using a reliable and trusted pet transportation service is one of the best options for helping move pets in the relocation process. To help with this process, we’ve come up with a list of things you should consider before committing to a pet transportation service.

Ask All the Questions

There is nothing more important than family, and we know pets are included in that mix. When deciding on a pet moving service, don’t hesitate or be afraid to ask any questions you might have. The more information available, the less scary the whole process is. It’s always a good idea to have a list of questions and concerns prepared and answered before committing to any company. Some transporters, like Air Animal Pet Movers, answer the most asked questions in advance through the use of helpful videos for mover’s convenience.

Durability of a Business

Make sure to consider how long a business has been around. Pet transportation is an arduous and complex industry. Less competent providers get weeded out early on, ensuring only the most capable business are left. A pet transportation provider in business for a long time also shows they are more experienced and knowledgeable on any difficulties or problems that might arise in pet transportation. Companies like Air Animal Pet Movers have over 40 years in the pet transportation industry and know all the ins and outs of pet travel.

Relationship with Airlines

An established pet transportation agency doesn’t necessarily mean good relationships with airlines. When transporting your beloved pets to their future home, you want to make sure there are no hiccups along the way. Choosing a moving crew with an established relationship with all major airlines is a great way to keep things moving and stay stress free. At Air Animal Pet Movers, they are an ATA air cargo agency endorsed and appointed by more than 225 airlines. No matter where a pet is getting transported to, whether it’s a few states over or across the ocean, Air Animal is familiar with the process. Take the guess work out of pet transportation and partner with a provider with the connections

Recommendations and Reviews

A company can claim to be the best in the business, but the only sure way to tell is through real-life experiences. Always make sure to do personal research in the company and pay close attention to the reviews section. A pet transportation provider with lots of great reviews and customer testimonials, like on the Air Animal website, is more likely to continue to provide excellent service than a company with mixed reviews.

Relocating is stressful, and the last thing any mover wants to worry about is their pet transportation. Put the responsibility on trusted professionals who know what they’re doing. Air Animal is a trusted leader in the pet moving industry. For more information on their prices, services or processes, visit today.

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What to do After the Travel

Let’s face it, moving and travelling are two things that almost never go according to plan. What happens if the pets arrive in Atlanta and the house just isn’t ready for them yet? Or maybe having an extra four legs walking around the house while movers come in and out just isn’t the ideal situation. We have a solution for that too!

Pet Paradise in Atlanta offers superb boarding services at a reasonable cost. With everything from climate-controlled suites to wag-worth amenities and paws-on playtime, Pet Paradise has you covered. Rest assured knowing the pets are having the time of their lives away from all the move-in hustle and bustle happening at home. Visit to inquire about their services.

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