Neighborhood Feature: Little Five Points

Neighborhood Feature: Little Five Points

Nestled on the east side of Atlanta, Little Five Points is an eclectic neighborhood full of art and culture rooted in creativity. Officially designated in the 1920s, this commercial area boomed with life and became a central point between the five surrounding streets: Marietta Street, Edgewood Avenue, Decatur Street and two sections of Peachtree Street. After revitalizing in the 1970s, Little Five Points began to gain the unique character and atmosphere it is known for today.

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Expression & Character

The Vortex in Little Five Points, Atlanta
Photo Credit: Pawel Loj

Freedom of expression is the core of Little Five Points. When you walk through this neighborhood, nothing is traditional. Whether you stop to admire the 30-foot skull outside of The Vortex Bar and Grill or peek through the window of the independent radio station, you are met by bountiful, spirited creativity that stands out. Full of outdoor seating and patio dining, Little Five Points is one of the best places to people-watch in Atlanta because it gives you a front-row seat to the edgy, artsy culture.

Things to Do

Variety Playhouse in Atlanta
Photo Credit: Krelnik

There are plenty of places to check out in Little Five Points. The community regularly opens its doors to neighbors and visitors, offering a broad selection of shopping destinations and social spaces.

The Clothing Warehouse and Rag-O-Rama offer unique thrifting opportunities with new pieces available every day. Visitors will find pieces that date back to the neighborhood’s roots and modern pieces. Thinking about selling some old clothes? Rag-O-Rama buys items on the spot based on available rack space and condition. The Envy Makeup Bar and American Apparel also sell clothing and beauty products.

For avid readers, feminist-owned Charis Books is a haven for finding new books and connecting with neighbors. The bookstore also serves as a community information point and circulates brochures for services in the area, including therapy, dining, bike repair and pet sitting.

Atlanta encourages alternative transportation, which is why Outback Bikes has kept community members pedaling for the last 13 years. The knowledgeable staff ensures that you will find your comfortable fit. In addition, when you purchase a bike from Outback Bikes, you receive free maintenance for the life of your bike. Stop by for your next bike, helmet, tires, pump or other gear while you are in the neighborhood.

Little Five Points is a huge arts community, evidenced by stellar performances at Dad’s Garage and Variety Playhouse. Dad’s Garage is an improv and comedy club known for quality adult comedy. Variety Playhouse is the live music hub of this neighborhood, hosting many musical acts throughout the year from different genres. Want to add to your record collection? Criminal Records is a popular spot for avid music lovers and maintains a stock of classic standards, up-and-coming sounds and prominent artists.

Places to Eat

Zesto Ice Cream in Atlanta
Photo Credit: frankieleon

If you are craving tacos and margaritas, Tijuana Garage is the place to go for authentic Tex-Mex cuisine. The menu spotlights unique tacos, fajitas, burritos and more, including vegan and vegetarian options.

Cameli’s Pizza on Moreland Ave is known for its monster-sized slices, craft beers to pair with them, and only the freshest ingredients. Since opening in 1996, this local favorite has remained family-owned and operated.

Zesto and The Wrecking Bar Brewpub are popular choices as well. Zesto started as an ice-cream-only eatery in 1945 and added hot dogs, burgers, fries and more to the menu in 1955. But most people still just come for the soft-serve ice cream! The Wrecking Bar Brewpub is nestled in the basement of a Victorian-style home and offers an ever-changing lineup of brews, short ribs and roasted chicken to enjoy with a drink.

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