Letter from a Graduate: Lyndon Academy

Letter from a Graduate: Lyndon Academy

When I first moved back to the United States, I did not really have any idea what I was moving back to. I had spent my early childhood in the US, but at a young age, my family and I had moved overseas to Amman, Jordan, and spent several years there before returning. I did not have many important memories from the US, and at such a young age, I did not have many friends to come back to. My family has always tried to give me everything, and I love them for it. I will not deny that moving, transitioning, and adapting is as emotionally difficult for the children as it is for the parents. It was a lot. I started right away at a public school here in Canton, Georgia, and I remember how scared I felt. The school just was not the right fit, and it felt as though I was being thrown into a lifestyle that I knew nothing about.

I found Lyndon Academy not long after. I transitioned there and did not look back, immediately feeling happier, more at peace, and more at home. I still needed to adapt and learn, but the atmosphere was welcoming, so I felt comfortable to do so. I am giving my unbiased truth, here: Lyndon is immediately a welcoming place. The kids and teachers here reach out to you so quickly. Due to the small student population, you are visible, and they want to know you. I am not the only one who immediately felt welcome at Lyndon. Plenty of people have transitioned from public schools in Cherokee County, and plenty of people have transitioned from other states and countries and have adapted to Lyndon unbelievably. I have not seen anything quite like the Lyndon atmosphere anywhere else.

Almost a year ago, I became the first-ever graduate from Lyndon Academy, and I transitioned to begin my undergraduate career at the University of Georgia. I have been very successful and happy so far, and have enjoyed my time there immensely. I truly have Lyndon to thank for helping me gain the work ethic and confidence needed to succeed both in academic and social situations. A successful transition from a campus with a couple hundred students to one with nearly forty thousand has proven to me that Lyndon’s small atmosphere is beneficial to preparing students for the large, competitive world out there.

I will always be grateful for everything that Lyndon Academy has done for me and continues to do for me, and the way this school has shaped me. The school is a hidden gem where you will find everything that you need and want in a school atmosphere. I will always feel at home when I return to the campus.

Adam Lababidi
B.S. Psychology
University of Georgia '23 | Honors