How To: Choosing a Storage Facility When Moving

How To: Choosing a Storage Facility When Moving

When moving from one home to another, the need for extra storage is inevitable. Your new home will not feature the same layout as the one you’re in now, and the size of the space could change dramatically. Or, you may need to store many of your personal items and valuables while your home is listed so that potential buyers are shown a home with a ‘staged’ look that allows them to picture themselves there. And of course, there is always the possibility that your home will sell before your new home is available, meaning you’ll need storage space while you are in temporary living arrangements. If you’re relocating from one city to another, storage space becomes invaluable as you make a big transition. However, renting a storage unit is not as simple as just moving your extra items into an available space. There are several factors to consider when choosing a storage facility. Besides finding something convenient, secure and affordable, you also have to know which storage type is best for your particular situation. Here are some options you have when making your move to Atlanta.

Climate Controlled Facilities

Climate controlled units can be more expensive to rent, but if you have delicate items that will need to be in long-term storage, these units are your best option. Due to the extreme Atlanta heat and humidity in the summer, climate controlled facilities provide the best units to keep your belongings—such as wood and leather furniture, electronics, files and photos, clothing and artwork—safe. These facilities maintain unit temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees and protect your valuables from melting, warping and discoloration. Climate controlled facilities are basically traditional storage units with a heater, air conditioner, humidifier and dehumidifier all in one. Some of the best climate controlled storage units in Atlanta can be found at SpareFoot, where you can apply filters based on size, amenities and location, allowing you to find a unit in your budget close to your new home in Atlanta.

Moving and Storing With Pods

Movers often find that pods are a more convenient and flexible option when moving, especially for those relocating to another city. One big advantage of using pods is that the storage container is delivered to you and picked up; it’s then either moved to your new home or to a storage center until you’re ready for it. All of the driving is done for you, and it can be moved any time! You can also keep the pod for as long as you need, and you’ll have access to your belongings all day, every day. Pods eliminate the stress of making multiple trips to a storage facility and also exclude the need for renting a truck. Moving and storage are included in one convenient solution when using pods! PODS is the most well-known moving and storage container company, but several options are available depending on where you’re moving and how long you’ll need the space.

Traditional Storage Facilities

If your new Atlanta home is located close to a storage facility, then this may be your most affordable and convenient option for short-term storage during a move. Storage units come in a variety of sizes and offer both indoor and outdoor storage. Since most storage companies offer month-to-month leases, there are a few different ways you can utilize a storage unit when moving. Rent a smaller unit for personal items that will go back into your home once you have moved and a larger unit to pack your entire home in case your closing dates get pushed back. Common storage units available are 5’X15’ or 10’x10’, which are ideal for storing items from a one-bedroom apartment, while 10’x15’ units are great for a two-bedroom home and 10’x20’ or 10’x30’ spaces are best used for a two- to three-bedroom home. To view the top 20 self-storage units in Atlanta with prices and reviews, click here.

Depending on your preferences, a storage unit is a convenient, minimal investment that can help relieve some of the stress of moving. There are several reasons why you may need to store your belongings during a move, and a storage unit offers a secure holding place for your items while you take care of the business of moving. And thankfully for those moving locally or relocating to Atlanta, this city offers numerous solutions for your storage needs. For more tips on moving to Atlanta, browse through our numerous stories at