6 Pros and Cons of Hiring Packing Services

6 Pros and Cons of Hiring Packing Services

Are you ready to start the adventure of packing and relocating to the metro Atlanta area? Idyllic for new homeowners who have a diverse list of interests, hobbies and expectations, the eclectic city welcomes thousands of new residents each year.

The process of searching for the perfect Atlanta apartment or home is exciting. However, relocating and packing up your current space can be stressful. KNOWAtlanta Relocation Magazine shares the pros and cons of using packing services when making a big move!


Saves Time

Time is of the essence when relocating to a new city! Boxing up your things to relocate to a new city is tedious and time-consuming. Packing service professionals can pack up your entire home within a day, while the same job could take residents weeks or even months to complete. Hiring professionals also allows you to focus on more important things, such as working, preparing for your big move or focusing on your family.

Little to No Disassembly

When using professionals to help you move, you avoid the hassle of having to disassemble all your furniture. They will even attach the hardware and other accessories to the pieces to make reassembling your furniture a stress-free process!

Included Moving Supplies

From moving boxes to bubble wrap and packaging tape, professional packers provide all the proper supplies to relocate your belongings. Packing service professionals use the very best materials to ensure your items are packaged correctly and safely.


High Cost

The monetary aspect of hiring professional packers is the number one reason why movers decide to pack themselves. Depending on your situation, packing services range from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars. If you are moving locally, packing service companies usually charge for the number of supplies and hours spent on the move.

If you are moving long-distance, packing professionals tend to offer a flat rate that includes the materials and hours used for packing and traveling. Each company offers different packages, so it is crucial to research and compare pricing and timing before deciding.

Trusting the Professionals

Another significant reason why movers shy away from hiring professional packers is the trust factor. While they are professionals, they are still strangers. Trusting packing service professionals to go through your personal belongings is an unavoidable part of the process. When searching for packing services, compare reviews and trustworthiness between companies.

Lack of Control

Hiring packing services is not ideal for individuals that prefer to handle everything themselves. When you use professional packers, you are handing all control over to them. It is important to remember they control how well your items are wrapped, boxed, secured and organized. If you hire packing service professionals, offer as much guidance as possible.

Now that you know the pros and cons of hiring packing services, you can easily decide whether to hire help or choose to pack up your home on your own. Metro Atlanta has multiple reliable packing service companies to choose from, including All My Sons Moving & StorageBellhop Movers and Atlanta Peach Movers.

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